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Are You Losing Candidates Because of a Poor Background Check Experience?

  Background checks are vital to your business. You need them to verify a candidate’s previous employment and ensure you’re not hiring someone with an unsavory past. But what happens if your background checks are not only helping you avoid bad hires, they are also causing you to lose high-quality candidates because of a poor… Read More »

Majority of Employers Planning to Hire Recent College Graduates This Year

  As college seniors prepare for graduation, many may wonder what their chances are of landing a job. According to a new survey by CareerBuilder, the odds of getting hired are in their favor. Seventy-four percent of employers say they plan on hiring recent college graduates this year, up almost 10 percentage points from last… Read More »

How to Attract & Retain Talent

  With over 5 million job openings and unemployment under 5 percent, there will be plenty of competition for top talent in 2017. How can you and your company appeal to the most talented professionals on the market? And once they’re hired, how can you keep them around? Here some practical tips to attract and… Read More »

How Employers Find and Hire Talent

  What goes through the mind of a recruiter when filling a position? That’s what talent-management company Jobvite sought to uncover with their Annual Social Recruiting Survey. They asked 1,600 recruiters and HR professionals what factors they consider when finding and hiring talent. Here’s what they discovered:   What are the most important factors to… Read More »

How to Improve the Candidate Experience [Infographic]

As the job market continues to improve, talent is getting harder and harder to find. Employers, accustomed to driving the job market since the Great Recession, are being forced to change their mindset and figure out different ways to attract top talent. In this new candidate-driven market, employers need to focus on improving the candidate… Read More »

4 Soft Skills Employers Want in a New Hire

  Your resume contains information about your education and experience, but does it talk enough about your soft skills? If not, it should. An overwhelming majority of employers — 77 percent — think that soft skills are as important as hard skills, according to a CareerBuilder survey. And when evaluating job candidates, they are giving… Read More »

6 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

  Believe it or not, landing an interview is the easy part of job hunting. The hard part is convincing the hiring manager that you are — above all other candidates — the best person for the job. Most job seekers will prepare and practice answers to common interview questions. Equally as important is knowing… Read More »

Survey: Managers More Likely Than Subordinates to Participate in March Madness Office Pools

  You might not have to hide your bracket when your boss comes by your desk. A new survey by CareerBuilder found that managers are more likely to participate in office March Madness pools than professional staff and technical employees. The survey found that 27 percent of executives, directors and managers participate in March Madness office… Read More »

4 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

  Hiring remote employees has become increasingly popular in recent years. Employers are beginning to recognize the benefits of remote workers: lower overhead costs, wider pool of qualified candidates and lower turnover. But organizations with remote employees are still struggling with how to effectively manage those who work from home. If this sounds familiar, follow… Read More »

30th Anniversary: the Early Years of Morgan Hunter

In the fall of 1986, Jerry Hellebusch rented space in the Financial Plaza building at Metcalf Ave. and College Blvd., pushed 3 desks together and started making sales calls. Thirty years later, Morgan Hunter has become one of the largest, oldest, and most recognized recruiting firms in Kansas City. “We started off with three people,”… Read More »