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5 Qualities to Look for in Sales Job Candidates

  Salespeople are the core of any company. Without them, there wouldn’t be new clients or growing profits. But, as leading sales recruiters in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows not all salespeople are created equal. When it comes to hiring them, be on the lookout for these five qualities: #1: A proven track record. Unless… Read More »

Problem with Employee Retention? It Could Be Your Benefits

  In recent years, the job market has experienced significant improvements. The unemployment rate continues to decline and job seekers are entertaining multiple offers. In this post-recession job market, employers need to be competitive to land top talent. One of the most important things employers can do to attract and retain highly sought-after professionals is… Read More »

Is Your “Candidate Experience” Hindering Your Ability to Hire Top Talent?

  In our recent post titled How to Improve Your Candidate Experience, we discussed a CareerBuilder survey that asked 5,000 job seekers what they wanted out of the candidate experience. How can you tell if your candidate experience needs work in the first place? And if it does, what can you do to improve it? Here… Read More »

Struggling to Find Qualified Talent? Here’s What to Do

  Finding great people for your company is a lot harder than it sounds. You might get an influx of resumes for your openings. But very few are from qualified candidates. Or perhaps you’re not getting enough resumes at all. Whatever the case – you’re struggling to find good talent. What can you do? Here… Read More »

Time Busting Habits for Managers to Stop Now

  You know that creating “to do” lists every day is important to stay organized and productive. But what about creating “to don’t” lists? In other words, defining those tasks you shouldn’t take on – or that you should eliminate from your hectic schedule – so you can get more done in your workday? To… Read More »

6 Types of Body Language to Note When Interviewing Marketing Candidates

You know it’s important to evaluate what a job candidate says. But are you also looking at how they say it? In other words, are you assessing their posture, eye contact, facial expressions, and other body language cues so you can better gauge each candidate? It’s important to do so during every interview – but… Read More »

How a Strong Onboarding Process Improves Retention

You had a job open up. After searching, screening and interviewing, you found a great candidate. You offered – they accepted. Your work is done, right? Actually, as one of the leading staffing agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows your work is just beginning. In fact, studies show the better you do at onboarding and getting… Read More »

10 Exit Interview Questions You Need to Ask

    When a valuable employee quits, it’s a big loss for your organization. But it can also be a chance to gain insight into what your company is doing well — and to identify areas for improvement. The best way to get honest feedback is from a departing employee. They no longer have to… Read More »

Increase Offer Acceptance Rates by Improving the Candidate Experience

As an experienced Kansas City recruiting firm, Morgan Hunter knows the revolving door is circulating faster than ever in today’s economy. According to statistics, one third of new hires quit their jobs within the first six months. Likewise, 45% of workers will jump ship for a new job even if they’re happy in their current… Read More »

5 Myths About Recruiting Agencies Busted

Over the past few decades, the staffing and recruiting industry has evolved rapidly. Gone are the days of simply filling empty seats in administrative or light industrial positions. Today’s recruiting agencies can source and screen candidates for a range of positions – from sales and marketing to IT and finance – for full-time or contract positions. So… Read More »