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Majority of HR Managers Say Artificial Intelligence Will Become Part of HR in Next 5 Years

  As many people worry that artificial intelligence will make their jobs obsolete, the Human Resources industry is welcoming these technological advances. More than half (55 percent) of Human Resources managers believe artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a regular part of HR in the next five years according to a survey by CareerBuilder. “There… Read More »

Make Them Think: 8 Thought-Provoking Job Interview Questions to Ask

  Your staffing partner has sourced and vetted a handful of high-quality candidates. Now it’s up to you to interview them and make a final decision. But how can you get behind the candidate mask and gain real insight into each candidate? Beyond the typical “tell me about yourself” inquiries, here are 8 thought-provoking job… Read More »

Skill Gap Costing Companies Big Bucks

  Even though approximately 7.5 million people in the U.S. are unemployed, more than half  (68 percent) of employers have a tough time finding qualified candidates for their open jobs — and it’s starting to affect their bottom line. This skill gap — the difference in the skills required for the job and the skills… Read More »

How to Fix Common Hiring Mistakes

  As companies ramp up hiring and quality candidates become harder to find, organizations are more apt to make hiring mistakes. In fact, 95 percent of companies admit to making bad hires, according to research firm Brandon Hall Group. In should come as no surprise that a bad hire can cost your organization money and… Read More »

7 Tips to Help You Hire Top IT Talent in the Kansas City Area

  Are you struggling to find the right caliber of IT talent? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to, the tech industry unemployment rate hovered between 2.1% and 2.9% in 2016. That’s great news for IT candidates and tech professionals; not so much for employers. (And if you’re wondering what the hardest… Read More »

Why You Should Be Recruiting Passive Candidates

  There will be a lot of competition for talent in 2017. Consider this: unemployment is under 5 percent, and there are more than 5 million job openings in the U.S. Jobseekers have more options than they’ve had in recent memory. And all the best talent is likely already employed. How do you get the… Read More »

Can You Spot the Signs: When is the Right Time to Hire?

  As the saying goes: Timing is everything. And that certainly holds true for hiring. Hire at the right time and you can ramp up productivity and profits. Hire at the wrong time, however, and you could be facing increased pressure and overhead, not to mention a cash flow crunch. So how can you tell it’s… Read More »

Extending a Job Offer: 5 Things “Star Players” Look for in an Offer

  A Kansas City recruiter can source and screen top quality candidates. But when it comes time to craft the compensation package, that’s one area where you have to take control. While your recruiter should certainly help and offer advice, it’s up to you to put forth an offer that star players will want to say “yes” to. With… Read More »

Need to Hire Marketing Professionals in Overland Park? 6 Traits to Look for

  Looking to hire for your marketing department? As Overland Park’s top marketing recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows whether you need a spokesperson or a strategist, there are certain traits to be on the lookout for when interviewing candidates. Here’s a look at six of them: 1. Creativity. Marketing is all about communicating messages and getting your… Read More »

6 Recruiting Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

  In a previous post, we covered 4 recruiting mistakes that you might be making in your organization. From unclear job descriptions to rushing through the hiring process, the end result is the same: a hiring misstep that can cost your company. Now that you know to avoid those, what are some other recruiting errors… Read More »