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7 Staffing Metrics You Should be Tracking

  If you’re not tracking staffing metrics, how can you tell what’s working – and what’s not? The answer is: you can’t. If you want an effective, highly successful staffing function, then you need to regularly track and measure it. But with limited time and resources, which metrics should you be focusing on? Here’s a… Read More »

What Do Candidates Really Look for In a Potential Employer?

  Most successful companies have one thing in common: They work hard to keep employees happy. That doesn’t necessarily mean investing in a pricey on-site gym or daycare or letting staff bring pets to work. It does, however, mean creating an environment where people actually want to come to work and are more loyal to… Read More »

Can’t Find Great Marketing Talent? These Might Be the Reasons Why

  One of the most important aspects of your company is marketing. It’s how you support the sales process, forge strong ties with customers and partners, and get the word out about new products and initiatives. That’s why, if you’re not finding the marketing talent you need, it can have a major impact on your… Read More »

More Employers Than Ever Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

  Would you want a potential employer to see everything you have on your social media pages? If not, you better start cleaning up your profiles fast — 70 percent of employers report that they use social media to screen candidates before hiring them. The survey, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, highlights… Read More »

Look Before You Leap: Evaluating a Recruiting Firm

  From experience to terms and pricing, we’ve talked both here and here about internal characteristics you should look for when hiring a recruiting firm. But what about other essentials, like online reviews and client references? These are just as important to evaluate when you’re considering partnering with a recruiting firm. And in today’s day and age,… Read More »

6 Tips for Motivating Lazy Employees

  Do you have an employee who strolls in at 8:47 everyday instead of 8:30; has a reputation as a clock-watcher; has been known to take two-hour lunch breaks; and is just slow and uninspired in everything they do? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many businesses have at least one less-than-motivated employee that… Read More »

4 Interview Questions to Evaluate a Candidate’s Growth Potential

  In today’s “new normal,” companies need employees who can do more with less, adapt quickly to change, and initiate creative solutions to solve tough problems. It’s certainly a tall order. But as a staffing services firm serving Metro Kansas City, Morgan Hunter can tell you that one way to fill it is by hiring employees who… Read More »

How to Manage a Team with Conflicting Personalities

  The American Management Association once surveyed 250 executives and managers and found that they spend approximately 24 percent of their time dealing with conflicts. That’s a huge investment of time — which equals a huge amount of payroll dollars being wasted! Let’s not forget the potential effects of conflict on retention and turnover. Poorly… Read More »

Majority of HR Managers Say Artificial Intelligence Will Become Part of HR in Next 5 Years

  As many people worry that artificial intelligence will make their jobs obsolete, the Human Resources industry is welcoming these technological advances. More than half (55 percent) of Human Resources managers believe artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a regular part of HR in the next five years according to a survey by CareerBuilder. “There… Read More »

Make Them Think: 8 Thought-Provoking Job Interview Questions to Ask

  Your staffing partner has sourced and vetted a handful of high-quality candidates. Now it’s up to you to interview them and make a final decision. But how can you get behind the candidate mask and gain real insight into each candidate? Beyond the typical “tell me about yourself” inquiries, here are 8 thought-provoking job… Read More »